Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pineview swim and weekend plan revealed

Started swim at Pineview at 5:33am and the left shoulder tendon was annoying for the first 2/3 of lap 1, but after that it was fine.  I found another wetsuited swimmer to try to catch up to, and was able to do so before getting to the last buoy.  I stopped at neck level at the beach, and got a drink.  The wetsuited guy took of his wetsuit after he got out.  Don't blame him.  The water was 75 degrees this morning!

He was so skinny, I couldn't get over how thin this guy was.  It made me ponder the difference in body types between many triathlon athletes and marathons swimmers.  His face and hands were tan, but everything else was white.  Whereas many marathon swimmers are pudgy and tan.  An interesting combination.

The second lap was much better however the wind picked up so swimming west away from the dam took a little more effort, which was fine.  I extended my route just a little to get as close to 5 miles as possible.  When I stopped it was 4.93 so I did another little extra minute or so to get the 5 miles.

I'm thinking about this weekend and have a plan.  Bear Lake is just too warm to be considered cold water training, so I'm planning on swimming the length of Lake Fremont, like I had originally planned at the beginning of the year. This was the weekend I had planned it, and sure enough, I'm gonna make the trip with the family on Friday evening.

I tried getting a hold of John Kelly, but Ward Wise told me that he may be living in Denver.  So I'm trying to get a hold of Tom Brown, who seems to be the local expert on swimming in Lake Fremont.  I'd like him to at least be aware of my attempt.

Water temp I'm hoping is just under 60, but not much more lower.  I'd be a little nervous if it was 55 and I had to swim that long.  58-59 should be doable, but it's amazing what just a few degrees difference really is.

Today's Total:  5 miles even in 2:39

Last night's ice bath consisted of A LOT more ice.  The kids had probably 4-5 gallons of ice ready for me.  They filled up the bathtub with cold water even before I got home.  I did 40 minutes and the temp was 59°F.  After I got the boys were excited to test their own manliness and Jacob did 20 minutes and Isaac did 8 minutes.   It was fun to see them be tough.

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