Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fantastic Logan River swim

This evening I got up to the cabin and hurried into the river. The water was much warmer than last time. I also wore a cap this time. I didn't hesitate to start. I swam for 30 minutes, then checked the thermometer on my watch and it said 58.2°F. Fantastic! I wasn't cold. It felt perfect to me. At 35 minutes the rest of the family arrived in the van, and they all watched and played on the lawn next to the bridge. At 1 hour I got out. I wanted more, but it was already 8:30 and I needed to get to bed.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting James Jonsson at Rendezvous beach at 5:30 am where he will arrive from swimming from the north side. He is doing a double crossing and that will be the half way point. I made a poster for him and am excited to see him at that point. Hopefully everything goes well and the weather cooperates and his body. This swim will make history and in my opinion is up there in comparison to a double EC Crossing. Except this has never been done before.

The water temp shouldn't be an issue, but BL is known for having regular storms come in.  And the distance itself is just staggering!  38+ miles.  That's superhuman!

Daily total:  1 hour in 58°f

Not logging distance since its upriver swimming.


Update (7/27/12) - Got up at 0315 with Cathi and started to drive from Cabin towards Bear Lake.  When we started coming down the mountain into Garden City, my cell phone picked up the text that Josh sent me earlier in the morning.  Apparently there was a electrical storm that came through and caused the swim to be aborted.

Dang!   I really hate it when nature doesn't cooperate.  Hopefully he gives it another go fairly soon.

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