Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watching fish

This afternoon during my swim in the Logan River I saw a couple of very small fish.  They were between 2-3 inches and they reminded me of the algae eating fish that we used to have in our fish tank.  They just stayed lying on the bottom of the river on the rocks and every few minutes would move an inch or two to the next rock.  I bet they were algae eaters.  Definitely not trout.  It was fun just swimming above them and watching them.

Before today's swim I drove down to Poco-Loco in Logan and loaded up on goggles for my trip to England.  Wanted to have backup pairs.
Tyr Tracer
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0
My preferred goggle?  Tyr Tracer or Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

They're pretty comparable to each other.  Comfortable and hold a good seal.  They last a fairly long time, compared to more expensive and larger open water goggles.  I've given up on the big fancy ones cause they're just too expensive for how long they last.

Swam 2 hours in 58°F water.

Oh, and here's another article, which like most articles published, has a couple of things I should clarify.


1) My family knows my EC swim is a big deal, especially my wife, but I don't think my kids completely comprehend the level of training required for it, even though they know I'm gone a lot.

2) I swam the 500 yard free (not meters) in high school

3) My qualifying swim was from Black Rock to White Rock, not Saltair to White Rock.  But most people wouldn't know the difference.

4) The world record by Peter Stoychev is just under 7 hours.

5) I gave Bryon access to my swimming photos.  The two he picked?  Both with me wearing a wetsuit back in my newbie days.  And one with me spitting.  Great.

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