Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crash and burn

This morning I was on the road at 4:25am and was heading up to Pineview.  I was nearly at the top of Trappers Loop and was coming around a corner on the highway.  I was going about 50, when all of a sudden BOOM!  I hit a deer smack dab in the very front of my car.  I didn't have time to hit the brakes.  It was still very dark outside with barely any light showing on the eastern horizon.  I slowed down and pulled over to check the damage.  I had a flashlight and got out to check it out.  Both headlight covers were smashed and the hood was bent bad, but no noticeable damage on the bumper or fender.  I was VERY surprised at how little damage it caused to my car considering the size of the deer and how fast I was going upon impact.  I was going under the speed limit as I was going up the hill, but definitely fast enough, that the poor deer I'm sure flew quite far and died from the injuries.

When I got to work this morning, I took this photo of the
damage.  Dang deer!  They really need to look both ways
before crossing the street!  And when it's dark, they should
be asleep, not walking about on highways.
Both headlights were still working, just with no cover.  I made my way to the parking lot and started my swim right at 5:30am.  I did two large loops between the dam and the buoy line.  On my second lap I noticed lots of wetsuited swimmers.  The sun finally came up on the second lap and the sunrise was creepy with the smoke in the air from the distant wildfires.  I'm not aware of any fires locally, but I could definitely smell the smoke, and the air on the eastern horizon was less than ideal.

Other than that, my swim went very well.  I was a little stiff on the first lap, but by the second one, I felt fine.  I just was low on energy as last night's dinner was far below par.  Cathi was working, so I was relying on Austin's cooking.

Looking forward to a longer swim tomorrow in celebration of the 4th of July!  Today's water temp was 72°F.  Way too warm!  I wish I could do Bear Lake tomorrow, but it's just so far away.  Plus I'm heading up there this weekend, so it'll have to wait.  Tomorrow will have to be another warm swim in Pineview.  I'm not willing to head down to Deer Creek which is probably the coldest body of water in the area at the moment.

Total Distance: 4.69 miles in 2:30

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