Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Celebration swim

This morning I got up early for a Fourth of July celebration swim.  I stopped at McD's on the way in and got a couple of meal combo's and two sausage burritos.  The burritos I got for feeds during my swim.

Heading away from the dam buoys was a slight bit of headwind,
but it was a good workout and I almost felt like I was in a
Endless Pool or swimming upstream.  It was slow going,
but I made it.
I was in the water at Pineview Reservoir exactly at 6am.  There was only one boat on the water at that time and the sun was not up yet.  I was still stiff from the buildup of swims since last Saturday.  This was gonna be a tough day for swimming.  The water was fine, there was only a slight ripple, and there weren't any clouds.  The weather was perfect, I just was feeling a tad sore in my neck and shoulders.  But I kept thinking in terms of today's swim being an exercise in mental toughnness.  I was sporting my Swimmer Buddy with the noodle and AMERICAN FLAG.  I was feeling patriotic, and safe.  And it was a lifesaver with how many boats there were later on in the morning.

The first lap was relatively slow, but each lap got progressively stronger, and faster.  By the fourth and final lap, there was probably 30-40 boats in the big no wake zone where I swim.  I got lots of stares and even some people cheering on a boat that I passed up.  I downed a breakfast burrito at the end of the 2nd and 3rd laps.  Man those were good and they went down fast!  The water was hot!  It was 71.8 when I got in and when I got out it was 75.  I'm really gonna have to start taking ice baths.

On the fourth lap I did an extra loop near the dam buoys, as I took a quick look at my GPS at the end of the third lap and figured out that each lap was only 2.35 miles.  When I stopped at the end my GPS read 10.1 miles and the total time was 5:52.  Not the fastest 10 miles I've ever done, but not bad considering I am dog tired.

I'm gonna take a rest day tomorrow since I have another 10 mile swim at Bear Lake this Saturday.
Beautiful day, and everyone on the water was respectful and kept their distance.  What a great swim!

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