Monday, July 9, 2012

Let the ice soaking begin

Swam out at pineview at 5:45am and did one big lap.  Saw two swimmers with SSD's, but didn't register that it was Goody and Kim until after I got out.  I was focused on catching a couple of wetsuited swimmers I saw up ahead.  It was a close one.  I only passed them the last 25 yards of the swim.  It was cool to get in a little speed today.  

Total: 2.45 miles in 1:16

I've taken to ice baths the past couple days and have a plan to take one every day until I leave for England.  Started out Saturday afternoon with 30 minutes in 67°F (all the ice in the house), and Sunday afternoon for 35 minutes at the same temp.  It seems that even with @ two gallons of ice, I can't get the water temp to get below 65.  The kids are determined to help me, and have found old ice cream containers, and buckets and have filled them up and put them out in the garage freezer.  I should be getting below 65 for this evening's soak.
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