Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will's IM workout

Did 1100 yards before masters, then did Will's workout which was all about IM work today.

600 free warmup
1200 - 4 x (100 IM kick on 2:00, 100 IM drill on 1:45, 100 IM swim on 1:30)
2800 - 4 x (4 x 75's k/d/s on 1:15, 2 x 200's IM order by 25 on 3:20)
200 free easy

5,900 yards total in 1:40 

Looking forward to this evening's GSL swim.  I'm hoping the water is in the mid 50's and if so.  I'm going for a mile minimum.

Met Josh and Jim at the Marina at 4:45pm and the temp came to 53°F again. So I was just planning to do the same thing. Josh and I swam together to the turnaround point. I wanted to go further, but the red buoy to the north of Silver Sands beach is gone. So Josh pointed to the green buoy that is even further north of the Marina, so we went out there. That was a long way out there.

 Swam back and then saw Josh swim over to the western red buoy so I turned around and caught up with him. At this point I was starting to cramp just a bit and my watch showed that we already had 30 minutes, and I was sure I hit my mile minimum goal, so I decided to call it good. Josh however went back out to the lookout point again and then back.

 When I got out I enjoyed the warm air. The air temp was 70 according to my car thermometer. Nice day. Really sunny.  I lubed up really good, but the only part that was chaff was my checks and under my nose.  Looks like I don't actually have to rub against my skin to chaff.  Just the water and the salt can chaff you just from the friction of the water.  I'll have to start lubing my face just a bit cause that kinda hurt after I got out.

I'm looking forward to going again on Saturday.

 Total Distance: 1.28 miles in 37:15 (2.06 mph)
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