Thursday, March 8, 2012

Very misleading how sunny it was

This afternoon I met Goody and Jim out at the marina and while it was really sunny and the air temp was just under 50°, the water temp was still cold.  There was a blizzard the came less than two days ago, so I didn't expect it to be very warm, and it wasn't.  My thermometer read 44.9°F and Jim's read 46°F, so I'll go with 45°F.

I had determined that I would swim out and around the buoy at the marina opening before taking the temp, and while the temp made me nervous, I still went with that goal.  I was fine the whole way to the marina opening.  It actually felt good.  But on the way back after turning around at the buoy, my mind pulled a cramp and I started to not enjoy it.

That last 200 yards back to the dock sure takes forever!  It seems twice as long as it really is.  When I got to standing depth, I looked at my watch: 8:50.  So I stayed immersed for 10 more seconds to round it out at 9 minutes.  Goody and Jim swam out to the marina opening too.

Jim asked if it gets easier for us each time.  Goody said it was for him.  For me.  It's just as tough as the first day.  I really haven't gotten to the point where its easy and I still struggle like crazy at the end, and the recovery stage is still painful as hell.  But I still like it!

Total:  630 yards in 9 minutes

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