Friday, March 2, 2012

CS&PF Membership complete

Got the following email for the King of the Channel, Kevin Murphy last night:

Hi Gordon

Many thanks for your credit card payment to cover CS&PF membership and registration for your Channel swim. I will take £260 + 3% to cover credit card charges.

Your membership details are attached. Your swim number will be 2012/31S

Many thanks also for your medical, completed okay,  and  for confirmation of your six hour swim in a water temperature under 60F.

Your registration is complete and I will copy in your pilot so he knows you are good to go.

I very much appreciate your consideration in getting all the paperwork to me in one go which helps reduce the workload.

I hope to see you when you are in Dover and look forward to your success.


Kevin Murphy
(CS&PF Hon Sec)
What a nice way to end the day!  Now all I have to do now is continue my training, and cold water exposure and show up!  No more paperwork, financial concerns (all money for this trip is secured in a savings account), or transportaion/hotel reservations.  I'm all ready to go at this point.  Awesome!

This morning I was in the pool at 0515 and did my normal 1000 free before starting the masters workout with SALT:

600 warmup
600 - 8 x 75's, (kick, free drill, kick) (free drill, kick, free drill) and so on (no rest)
450 - 3 x 150's free/fly/free by 50 no rest
800 - 4 x 200's free/back/free/breast/free no rest
There was a FAST girl who was in the lane with me and Will.  She went first and was killing it! She almost lapped me on these 200's so on the third set I did all free just to catch up to my 10 sec back position.
600 - 12 x 50's kick/swimm by 25 on :50 (only got like 2-3 sec rest)
1000 - 400 pull, 300 pull, 200 pull, 100 pull
I went second on these, and by the time I got 300 yards into the first set, I passed up the fast girl, and then stayed in first position the rest of the way.  I love pulling.  Plus I have monster paddles so I can't take all the credit.  They're huge.
 300 easy warmdown

5,350 yards total in 1:35

Only one more day of taking it easy, and then I'm back to normal on Monday.  

I really need to come up with a goal or theme for March.  So far this winter I've always been working towards a short term goal, but now I've hit them all and and need to come up with something or I'll lose interest fast.  Pondering on this area has given me a change to think about a troubling issue in our neighborhood this week:

Two teenagers at my son's highschool killed themselves within a couple days.  Everyone in the area is freaking out.  A bunch of church and community get togethers have been cancelled, and they're putting together a big meeting this Sunday to discuss the topic of suicide.

I got to thinking this morning.  I wonder how many of these people who kill themselves are habitual goal setters/achievers?  I mean one of the main things that makes me get out of bed in the mornings and prevents my daily life from becoming so mundane and boring, is the fact that I have short/medium/long term goals that I'm shooting for.  If I didn't have those I think I would get caught up in all the negativity and almost pointless activities of my everyday life.  I wonder if getting into the habit of these goal setting/achieving cycles would reduce the likelihood of committing suicide?  Well unless your long term goal is to jump in front of the Frontrunner train.

We've talked with the kids about the options that are present when life sucks and things go bad.  I think they're aware of the seriousness of it, and we'll need to help the kids realize the importance of having something exciting in your life that makes you see things with a "cup half full" attitude.  When you're young and have so much to live for, you really have to be out of your mind to do something so drastic and hurtful to everyone around you.    Besides, being a believer in life after death, I don't believe suicide is quite the ultimate peace or escape that these folks are hoping for.

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