Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun family activity and swim at Antelope Island

This morning I worked from home on a special project for work.  I skipped the meet I registered for because of the shoulder issues I've been having and didn't want to aggravate it.  I told the kids if they did their weekend chores we could all go on an adventure at the Great Salt Lake.  They worked hard and we went out to the Antelope Island Marina with the two x two-man kayaks at 3:30pm.  Lucy was in one and paddled next to me for a swim while Jacob stayed with Cathi and the other small kids at the Marina and used the other kayak.

The water felt great.  I took a temp with my watch in a couple places and the first reading read 56.8° and right before I got out it read 58.2°, so somewhere between there.  Here's the map of my route:

I swam for 30 minutes.  Stopped took a quick drink from Lucy, and then swam back.  Some non threatening, but dark clouds were shielding me from the sun coming back so it felt colder coming back.  I paused a few times coming back to see where I was going.  The marina opening isn't visible coming back because it faces northeast, and I can't see it from the western angle, so I just need to be patient and just keep swimming east without expecting to see how much further.  Just swim man!

When I got back, I could tell the kids were having a ball.  Max and Girlfriend, our two St. Bernards were enjoying the time at "the beach" and Cathi was chatting it up with several people who stopped by the boat ramp.  They ooed and awed at the swim.  What a fun family activity.  My GPS read 2.57 miles and my stopwatch read 1:13.

Lucy and Jacob both wanted to get in so that they could get one of the WFPBC hoodies and be a "member" of the club.  Although the water temp now doesn't really qualify as being polar bear temp, I played along.  They both got in.  In fact Jacob swam to the other side of the marina and back and Cathi said he was in for about 20 minutes.   Lucy went all the way under, but was only in for about a minute.  Oliver and Isaac took the kayak out and had a ball.

The weather was fine.  Not much as far as wind, so the water was flat and didn't have any issues with water getting in my mouth.
Isaac loved being out there in the
boat all by himself.  Made him feel
"big". He had a PFD and the
water was calm, so it's all good.

I lubed up much better this time, including on my cheeks and didn't have any chaffing to speak of.  What an awesome day!

Total: 2.57 miles in 1:13 @ 57°F

Much better distance and time in the water, than Thursday.  Felt a little redeemed from getting out after only 37 minutes.  Double the time/distance today!

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