Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Celebrity email

Got an email this last weekend from Nick Adams, who is the President of the CS&PF.  He said he's been reading my blog for a while now and welcomed me into the family of the CS&PF members and wished me luck on my swim this summer.  Man, I was a bit star struck when I got that email.  I was borderline freaking out when I was telling Cathi about it.  I was like....
"It's like a movie buff getting an email from Brad Pitt.  Isn't that awesome?!"
This morning I was about 10 minutes late getting in, but still was able to get in what I wanted.  Randy did the workout today which was focused on stroke instead of distance, so I used my Swimsense to really keep track of my distance today.

Then joined Masters #2 for an additional 3050 yards.

Total yards: 10,000 in 3:10

I discovered a new English Channel Blog.  This one is a bit of a heads up about getting cold water acclimatized.  She admits to failing due to lack of preparation for prolonged cold water exposure.  I shared that info with Cathi and hope that she's aware that I'm going to need some serious long swims in sub 60 degree water coming up this late spring/early summer and then lots of trips to Bear Lake during the summer.  She agreed.  It's just to damn costly to fail.  From a financial point of view alone, I would be totally pissed if I didn't make it.  It's gotta be on this first go!  So that's why I'm totally overdoing it at this point in the fitness realm.  Once it gets reasonably cool, I'll be transitioning to strictly open water.

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