Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a tiny taste of warmth

This evening I met Jim, Kate and Josh out at the Marina.  It was so warm, I was just wearing my Jammer and didn't have to wear a jacket.  It was over 60 degrees in the air temp.  I was hopeful that I'd be able to really pick up the distance.

Map of our route
The water temp was 52°F What a jump from last time!  I planned to go all the way around the marina.  Jim's goal was to simply get in a 30 minute swim.  He's so awesome.  Josh and I got in a few minutes after his head start.  We swam out to the green buoy just north of the marina opening.  Then I said I'd like to swim out to the other green buoy north of the overlook.  There was a slight headwind and just a little chop.  Enough to make it interesting.  When we got there instead of wrapping around and getting out, I felt fantastic and said I'd like to go back the way we came.

I felt so good I didn't want it to end.  I didn't feel really cold and could have gone alot further.  I ended up just going around the red buoy at the end to get in just a little extra.  But I felt like I could have gone twice as far today.  Coming in to the marina at the end, the water temp dropped like a couple degrees.  Definitely noticeable and enough to put a chill in my bones and make me shiver a little afterwards.  Next time.  I'm really gonna step it up.  I'm wearing my SSD and going out to the red buoy and back.  A 1 mile route.

Jim ended up going 30 minutes in that temp.  We all agreed that it feels fantastic at this temperature and we can't really call it a get together of the WFPBC anymore.  More like just a group of regular open water swimmers who don't wear neoprene.  I event went to my single latex cap this time.  What an awesome swim!

I was talking to Josh about Goody's Catalina swim, and I also have been envisioning it and getting excited for his swim, as well as my own.  I'm gonna have to pass up going to the full family reunion and go a couple days late.  This swim Goody's doing is truly a monumental event!  So when I got home I worked with my Dad who is a travel agent and bought airline tickets for Josh and I to join Goody in July.

It's gonna be awesome.  I already told Goody I wasn't gonna be able to go.  I hope I'm still invited on the boat.  Now that I paid the airfare, I really can't take back out.  No options for taking ANY days off work.    It's a go for Catalina Channel baby!

Total Distance: .79 miles in 22:05

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