Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swimming with a little energy giving rage

I'll tell ya. When I don't get my workout in, I get hot tempered. I think I feel guilty for not getting at the minimum 1 hour per day and then I turn that around and get impatient with the kids. It also doesn't help to explain some sincere goal to your spouse and she isn't listening. Not that I'm a saint. I catch myself many times hearing Cathi in the room trying to tell me something and I'm like "Uh Huh. Yeah" without even comprehending a word she just said. Not that I couldn't hear, but that I was thinking and busy with something else. So I'm guilty of that as well.

Anyhow when 8:30 came I was very eager to go get in some serious laps. I got there 10 minutes early and they haven't even started putting the ropes in. There were only two guards and they were flirting and taking their sweet time. By 9:00 they just starting unrolling the lines into the water. At this rate it would be 9:15 by the time they finished. There are a few guards that are pretty anal about not letting anybody in the water until the lines are done so I went up to the two young guards and said, "Can I help pull these over". They eagerly accepted my help which was good cause I could get in before everybody else, get some laps in pulling the lines over to the other side at the same time and then pick a lane without asking somebody else to share it.

So there were 6 lanes of ropes I pulled over counting for 300 yards worth of swimming. On half of them I put the end between my knees like a pool bouy and swam freestyle to the other side. The other half I did side stroke. Then when I finished I started my plan of just swimming 4000 yards straight.

3600 - 3600 yards bilateral freestyle

But as you can see I didn't get in my 4000. By the time I finished getting the lines in and started it must have been later than I thought. I've done 4000 in one hour before. Anyhow I was a little ticked that I didn't get my goal, but 300 yards of pulling a big fat lane line to the other side has to count for something I guess.

By the time I got home I was breathing much deeper and grateful for the workout. The boys had finished with the large task I gave them before I left so that made me happy and I'm now going to be happy.
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