Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slept in

I slept past the alarm this morning and didn't get out of bed till 7:00am. I will swim this evening at LSnS, which I will post. But the reason for this post is my excitement over a new discovery of a website and a book I just purchased today.

Marcia Cleveland swam the English Channel and wrote a book about it and also has an extensive website with resources and tips that are a treasure chest of information. The site is

The USMS newsletter included an open water section which she wrote. It stressed the importance of bilateral breathing which again supports my decision this last month to forego forever the reliance on my right side. I'm pleased with the transition I've taken this past month with bilateral breathing. It's almost natural now to breath on the left side. I just need to get more used to the every third stroke for long distances. Now if I can just convince LSnS to take out the lane lines, turn on the waves, throw in a few hundred fish and several hundred pounds of salt, and lower the temp about 25 degrees then I'd have something that would give me a little more realism.

Instead I'll have to try the Great Salt Lake once it warms up a bit. I know getting used to cold water swimming is something I'll have to do, but not now. I'm not about to swim out there when it just snowed today downtown. That water is probably in the high 40's.

My ankle band came yesterday which should help me get more arms out of my pulling sets. Definitely going to swim tonight. Although tomorrow is Austin's Birthday and I won't be swimming tomorrow. Chant "People are more important than one day's training."
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