Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barely worth it

Went to Walmart to get some Vaseline for this afternoon's run and ended up spending too much time there. I also got some fruit for today. I got to the pool at 7:15. I need to get there before 7am or I'm gonna be late for the stand up meeting at work. So I ended up doing a "half assed" workout:

1000 - 1000 Free left side breathing only (Man it is still really awkward!) I feel like I'm rolling a little too much. So I'm mindful of that, but it doesn't feel as smooth as when I breath on the right
200 Free - bilateral breathing
800 - 2 x (Kicking w/fins - 100 fly, free, fly on back, free on back)

2000 Yards total

Will swim twice tomorrow since I can't swim on Friday/Saturday. Will be driving ALL DAY LONG to get to/from Seattle Area for Cathi's Marathon. Must be true love.
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