Wednesday, April 6, 1994

Triathalon results

Today I swam the swim part of a triathalon leg. I took first. I got a 11:16.04 in the 900. I tapered for this event this week, however I did it opposite of what I wanted. I sprinted too much with too much rest. I was dying and felt like giving up at the 300 mark.

I lapped the guy who was 2nd fastest around the 250 yard mark and kept ahead the rest of the time. The guy that took second was :41 behind me.

My biker and runner, didn't do so good. They were 2:30 behind the winner in their events combined. So what we placed depends on whether the guy who took second in swimming was on the same team that beat my biker and swimmer. The biker was Casey Sullivan and the runner was Kim Giebel. Casey wiped out on his bike and his knee was bleeding.

We find out tonight what places we took at the Country dance. I can't country dance, so I'll just show up at 10:00. I bet we took 2nd. If we took 3rd I'll be ticked. The prize for first is $25 each. 2nd gets cd carriers, 3rd get a small cd carrier.

I'll update you in a few hours on what we took.

I went to the dance at 10 to 10 and a girl aqsked me to dance. I said sure. I told her I don't know how to do the 2 step so I tried it and I made a total fool of myself as I stepped on her toes the whole way around the circle. After it was over she said thanks and took off. I was so embarassed. I didn't know whether to apologize or thank her or what but it went so quickly I was relieved it was over cause she was turning red with being seen with this fool in her arms.

After that song they announced the winners. We took 2nd in team. We lost by 1:30 to first place and beat 3rd by 1:15. We all won Portable CD cases. I then went with Casey and Kim and their friends to get ice cream, Casey's treat. I then went with them to see Pelican brief at the movie theatre. I didn't get home until 2:00 am. I had an enjoyable Saturday evening. Met a few girls, ugly, but still it was fun to get out.
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