Friday, February 25, 2011

H2Open Magazine came yesterday

The first edition of the H2Open magazine came yesterday and I read an article that was just what I needed. It was about being lean or carrying just a little extra natural layers. With yesterday's cold water swim, I honestly believe that I would have had a more difficult time (granted I was only in the water for about 15 seconds) had I been a lean mean swimming machine. The article was in support of the theory that having that extra fat layer is a good thing especially when swimming in cold water.

A study was done where two swimmers with very similar abilities were tested in cold water and the one with a higher body fat percentage was able to swim much longer. It took longer for the cold to negatively impact the bigger swimmer. At the same time, I have no plans whatsoever to swim in the arctic, so water right around 60 degrees is the coldest I want to really be able to swim in for a long distance. There was another article written by Lewis Pugh that I didn't get a chance to read late last night but I'm looking forward to reading that one this weekend.

I'm impressed with this first edition, it wasn't just loaded with tons and tons of ads, it actually had some relevant stuff in there. I'm glad I subscribed.

Today's workout was tough! I was in a lane where it was just me and Josh. Man he pushed me. I got in at 5:40 and did:

1250 yards free
50 yards putting in a lane line then started the masters workout with Josh Eaton:
300 free warmup
600 - 8 x 75's kick/drill/swim
100 easy
500 - 5 x 100's free on 1:30
50 easy
500 - 5 x 100's (75 fly, 25 free) on 2:00 (Craig Barnes' little mod)5
50 easy
500 - 5 x 100's free on 1:20 (Josh E's mod)
50 easy
500 - 5 x 100's free pull on 1:15 (Josh E's mod)
50 easy
500 - 5 x 100's free no equip on 1:15 (I didn't make the last two, so I ended up just doing 200 straight)
100 cooldown

1000 - 10 x 100's kick with fins on 1:50
1000 pull

7100 yards total

I was planning on 10K again, but I was wasted after today's 500's especially with Josh's mods. I won't be able to put in a long workout this weekend unfortunately. I'll be snowboarding with Jacob. I promised him I'd go with him at least once this season and I've put it off long enough. We got some pretty good snow last night so it should be fun. Should make for some good cross training, and a sore bum for Monday's swim.
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