Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter swimming practice, sort of

On Saturday I went with Jacob snowboarding. It was fun! This was my second time snowboarding and within 30 minutes I was already at the same level I was when I left last time. Within 2 hours I was up at the top of the highest lift heading down. I got to the point where I could cut into the mountain instead of always facing downhill, as long as I did it on a mild decline. I never did crash hard, but I did fall several times.

My quads and hips are sore for maneuvering the board, but no bruises or twisted joints which is great! I was covered in snow and I wasn't wearing a coat, just a couple layers with a light jacket on. I was only cold a couple times when sitting on the lift heading up. Once I started down, I was plenty warm. So since I didn't get to swim on Saturday, at least I can consider it good cold water conditioning.

Today's swim was good. I was in the pool at 5:30am and did:

2000 yards free

then joined Masters:

300 IM
300 - 75 of each stroke (kick/drill/swim by 25)

700 - 2 x {2 x 100's kick @ 2:00, 2 x 50's kick @ :50, 2 x 25's swim @ :30)
2000 - 2 x {400 free on 5:30, 10 x 50's pull on :45 (2nd set 5x100's on 1:30), 100 choice}
200 - 8 x 25's free all out! @ :30
100 easy

2000 pull
2000 free no equipment
At the start of the 2000 free no equipment set, BJ started a couple of lanes over. He was doing sets of 200. I was really pushing it to stay at his pace. Man I sure would love to have the kind of arm span that dude has. But I was barely able to hang with him. And Josh E today! When we did the 400's sets, he lapped me at 350 on the first set and 300 on the second. He was pushing it!
200 easy
600 - 6 x 100's IM/free on 1:45

10,400 yards total
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