Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salty White Horses - 5K in GSL

I got up early and drove out to Black Rock to meet Josh.  Another swimmer, Julian Riley, showed up.  The wind was coming pretty strong from the west so we had a great swim to the last buoy at the end of the marina.  I stowed a Gatorade in the back of my trunks which was nice to have at the turnaround point.  We then swam back into the waves and that was much more exciting.

Compared to last Friday's swim, this was crazier.  The waves at Berkely were higher, but they were at a lower frequency.  One wave every 5 seconds or so.  This morning the waves were closer together, not as high, and even got lots of spray coming from the white horses (spit?).  We got separated pretty good about halfway back and so we waited to regroup.  We regrouped a total of 4 times throughout the swim.

I'd say that the wave conditions this morning were probably the worst I've ever swam in.  Even though I wasn't having troubles and in fact was having fun.  We were close to shore so safety really wasn't an issue.

Total swim: 5K in 1:33.  Not bad considering the 4x 2-3 minute regrouping pauses.
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