Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you the guy training for the Channel?

So tonight I got to BL at 4:45pm and jumped in and did 4 laps in 1:57.  I felt great!  I was going at a good strong pace, but also relaxed so that I felt like I was in meditation.  The water right on the surface was warm, but 12 inches below the surface was much cooler.  I would say that 12 inches below it was about 67 or so.  Not sure.  I didn't take my therm.

During my third lap I noticed several kayakers and some people on those stand up paddle boards.  They were getting pretty close to me and I picked up the pace cause I felt like they were checking out if they could keep up.  They very well could have, but were just testing me I think.

One lady on those stand up boards asked me as I finished, "Are you the guy training for the Channel?"  I said yes.  How in the heck did she hear about that?  She said she read about the cleanup this last weekend and followed up a little on the blog.  She asked what were the dirtiest parts of the lake.  Definitely the Southeastern corner, and the North middle sections.  She said she had a group that wants to come out and do more cleanup.  That's awesome!  I'm sure they'll get a bunch too, cause Jacob would often followup last Saturday right after me, and still find a ton of stuff that I missed.

Anyhow today's swim was awesome and I went clear until the sun was right near the horizon.  I'm definitely good to go for another week at BL.  The temp is awesome!
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