Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cold and Dark

This morning I met Josh at Bountiful Lake at 6:30am and we got in slowly.  The water was cold, but not so much that it was painful to get in.  Just uncomfortable.  We did our first lap pretty much in darkness.  The second lap the sun was still behind the mountains.  By the time we could 1/4 into our 3rd and final lap, the sun finally came up over the mountains.

3 laps (@3.2 miles) in 1:31

No fisherman in sight until we finished the third lap.  After getting out I put my old thermometer in.  Waited about 4 minutes and it read 62° F.  I would have guess maybe 65, not 62.  I was happy that it was so cold, yet I didn't feel all that cold until after the first 15 seconds.  After that it felt fine.
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