Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beep! Beep!

Today was the first time using the Finis Tempo Trainer.  I used it on my warmup.  It was cool because it kept my mind on my tempo, although I don't believe I have a drastic problem with a consistent and even stroke.  It helped me focus on long hard pulls and lengthening my stroke.  I focused so much on keeping time with the beep that I lost count several times, so I ended up guessing a couple times where I was, but took the more conservative guess and probably ended up doing more yards in the end.

1800 free w/ tempo trainer
1200 - 6 x 200's pull with ankle strap on 2:45
500 - 5 x 100's kick w/fins on 2:00
100 free fast (1:14).  I got serious cramps in BOTH lower calf muscles which I had to deal with, so my 100 fast, didn't actually reflect going fast, cause my kick was pretty much nonexistant as I tried to workout the cramps without stopping. Doing a sprint right after a fins set isn't the smartest thing, it's no wonder I was cramping up.
100 - 50 breast, 50 back easy

3700 yards total

My sinus' are messed up.  Ever get a bloody nose and get the salty "aftersmell"?  It smells like rust.  Ever smell something totally rusty?  That's the dominant smell right now in my sinus' even though I'm not around anything like that.  I believe I got some GSL water up my nose and my sinus' are like "What the heck?".  Hopefully it recovers soon.

Starting to carb up for this Saturday's sprint swim from South Antelope to Black rock.  No swim tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather clears up and I get a nice strong wind from the North!
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