Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dad your winning!

This morning I swam 3 laps in Bountiful Lake. While I was swimming I had to concentrate on not smiling and laughing as I keep hearing Isaac's encouragement "Dad, your winning!" from last weekend's Hebgen lake swim.  It's especially funny cause I was the only one swimming, so yes I was winning.

But another reason I find his encouragement meaningful is that even when I'm alone and swimming, Yes I am winning because I'm out in the open water and I'm doing it.  The relationship between the swimmer and the open water can be antagonistic at times when the waves are high and the water extremely cold.  But most of the time it isn't like that, it's more of a partnership.  When that happens, both swimmer AND nature wins.  I'm excited to help Austin organize an effort to make that partnership with each individual, that shows up to help cleanup. and nature grow.  It's a real thing.

Today's swim was slightly slower than normal.  (3 laps in 1:31) I've watched several TI videos and read up on their methodologies for swimming effortlessly.  I was focusing on some of those techniques and while I was a tiny bit more relaxed and smoother in the water, I was definitely slower.  Smoothing out my stroke (which isn't all that splashy anyway) isn't something that's going improve dramatically overnight.  But it's nice to focus on technique in OW especially since I'm not in a pool focusing on sets and speed.

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