Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enough is Enough!

This morning on may way into the water at BL I stepped on something metal that felt like an anchor, but was a long metal rod of some kind.  I picked it up and threw it to the side outside the water.  I also noticed two or three styrofoam containers for worms used for fishing. They were stuck in the mud just under the surface of the water near the edge.

I started my swim, which was awesome by the way.  I did three laps in 1:24 (5K swim).  Nice and easy.  My shoulder was a little achy still at the start, but the pain subsided until it was barely noticeable at the end.  I felt great.  The water temp was perfect and the water didn't really seem all that dirty even though my mind the whole time during the swim was thinking about how to clean up Bountiful Lake.  I remember earlier this year when our family came out and picked up probably 300 pounds of garbage over the 30 foot section of shoreline.  I am willing to bet there is enough garbage to keep about a hundred people busy all day long collecting it.

Garbage and dead catfish at Bountiful Lake all within 3 feet of each other.
When I got out I noticed a dead fish, and three new pieces of garbage on the boat ramp that weren't there before.  I moved the garbage a little closer to the dead fish and took this picture.  There was a fisherman within 15 feet of the ramp just standing there  while there was literally dozens of large pieces of trash right there.  I picked up a handful of trash after taking this picture and dumped it in the big garbage can which was about 50 feet from the ramp.  It was just a drop in the bucket.  But it was a move in the right direction.
I'm amazed at the reckless attitude by outdoor recreationists who don't pick up after themselves (or even others). If everyone truly had a concern for their favorite activities outdoors they would not only pick up after themselves, but take the initiative to clean up after those who don't have that concern.

I've had enough of seeing sights like this and am really going to encourage Austin to tackle this issue for his Eagle Project.  I could help him with advertising this issue and educate him on the issue so he can take full ownership of the project.  I won't be doing this for him, but I definitely have a vested interest in this topic and think its something that he can learn more about and take a greater interest in himself.  The community needs to be more aware of this problem for the fish, for the environment and for the small minority of people who venture into these waters to swim.  I'd really hate to have my wife find me floating on my back, white and bloated on the ramp like this poor fish because of exposure to toxic garbage that is floating around in that lake.
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