Friday, August 20, 2010

Antelope Island to Black Rock

I'm planning on taking on a 72 year old record.  In 1937, Orson Spencer set the record of swimming from Antelope Island to Black Rock in 3:40:52.  For a course that is 8.2 miles that is roughly 26:57/mile.  That's fast.  But given the "float factor", I think it is within reach especially if there is no wind.  So I'm going to plan to do this course on Monday, September 6th (Labor Day).

I'm still working on getting permission from Chris Haramoto to get past the Garr Ranch gate which will let me get to the southern tip.  I'm also going to have to construct a small wheelset for the Kayak, so I can rest it on a small plank on large wheels so that I can transport it on land without having to carry it.  Small enough that I can just tote it on the kayak when I'm on water.  It's a good mile and a half walk from the end of the dirt road to the southern tip shoreline.  
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