Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anniversary swim

I slept in quite a bit this morning.  Had a late night talking with my wife.  Today is our anniversary.  16 years of bliss!  So this morning I went to Surf N' Swim and did a quick two miles:

1000 yards straight long and slow strokes
1000 - 400 pull easy, 300 pull moderate, 200 pull fast, 100 pull sprint (:15-20 ri)
400 kick 
100 back
1000 - 10 x 100's descend 1-5 on 1:30
200 - 2 x 100's IM  On the fly, no breath for 25, and on free really sprint and do powerful long strokes!  Back and breast recovery.

3700 yards total

Really good workout.  Felt strong and had no strains on shoulder or back at all.  I applied for a lifeguard/swim instructor position at SDRC, but I'm not sure they're hiring at the moment, but they have my resume.  Hopefully I hear from them in the next few months at least.  During the summer its not that big of a deal cause I want to do lots of open water swimming, but during the winter I would like to get some free swimming there.
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