Sunday, August 1, 2010

Report of last week's Camp Evergreen swimming, as well as planned swim to Stansbury

So last week I spent the week at Camp Evergreen in the Uintahs.  I'll try not to be negative, but basically the waterfront sucked.  The water was a cool 60 degrees and I got several hours of exposure to the water.  I did the BSA Lifeguard certification and also participated with Jacob in the Lifesaving MB which he completed.

The mile swim consisted of 36 laps in a 25 yard roped section of the lake.  The water was too shallow overall to do a real open water swim, so last week's swimming was just not happening as I had hoped even though I did spend alot of time in the water doing rescues and acting as a victim.  I did the rowing merit badge with Jacob Dangel which also consisted of swamping the boat.

I got up on Thursday morning real early with Jacob Dangel and did the polarbear with him.  The poor kid came up out of the water with a look on his face I'll never forget.  He was immediately in a pre-hypothermic state.  It was kind of funny as he made the scout sign and repeated in his stuttering voice in the below 60 degree water.

"A sc-sc-sc-out is t-t-t-rustworthy, l-l-l-loyal...."  I was right there next to him in the water doing the sign and helping him recite them.  It wasn't that he didn't know the oath and law.  He's a life scout, very close to Eagle, but the water had an immediate effect on his motor and brain function.  Carlos, the waterfront director was chuckling as he watched Jacob stutter out the law and oath.  I wish I had my waterproof camera of the event.  It was great.

As for this weekend.  I am planning to swim from the Great Salt Lake marina on the south end of the lake out to Stansbury Island.  Then I'll get in the support boat and paddle back.  It's just under 12 miles to swim and I'm not ready for a round trip of 24 miles especially in that salt water.  Here's the route I have uploaded to my GPS.  Actual route my vary depending on water depth....

I'm planning to do this with my brother in law, Brendon Hatch, as my support paddler, since Jacob and Austin are both on vacation with their grandparents.
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