Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm not laughing

Got to the lake at 6:35am and did four laps.  I used my digital thermometer this time which was really cool.  It's nice cause it gives me an instant reading and the manufacturers claim that it is accurate to less than +-1 degree Fahrenheit.  The temp came in at 67.1  A little colder than I expected.  When I got in it felt great!  I was able to do the 4 laps in 1:50.  Pretty good time.

I was disturbed again by the amount of trash and dead fish.  Now there were two dead fish at the ramp.  Someone also put a fake severed hand at the ramp floating there amongst all the trash and dead fish.  What a sick joke.  I wasn't laughing.  I was more disturbed by the garbage and dead fish than I was to see a severed bloody hand there.

I took this video and will be posting it on the website in hopes that we can really get the word out of the "Bountiful Lake Project".  Austin is getting the ball rolling with the Eagle Board, but it hasn't officially hasn't been approved yet, but I expect it will.  I'm just eager to get the word out so that we can get the date on people's calendars to come out.

I'll be assisting Austin in getting sponsorship and support from the community.
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