Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming at Camp Bartlett

At 3:00 pm Austin finished his Leatherwork class and we had two hours to kill before dinner so we went swimming with Jeffrey Davis and Hayden Buchi. Since I hadn't been passed off at camp, I had to do a swim check (75 Free, 25 Back and then backfloat) I jumped in and started swimming hard. There wasn't any moss to deal with like the last open swim I did last week. The water was surprisingly warm.

Did several laps. Then I had Jeffrey Davis time a couple of 50's. I did 36 and 37 second 50's. I then took the wetsuit off as I was getting to hot with it on. Hayden was goofing around and wanted me to bet him he could beat me in a race if he got a head start. I said, "How about you just swim to the other end and I have to swim down and back. Instead of betting money, the loser has to do 50 pushups before the day is over." He agreed.

So we had Jeffrey and Austin start us. Go! I swam hard and was kicking well, keeping my head in and did a flip turn down at the end. When I got back to where I started I looked back and there was Hayden resting at the other end smiling at me. I knew it would be close, but not where he would beat me. There were lots of other scout and leader spectators so I said, "Good Job Hayden! I knew it would be tough." Then Jeffrey and Austin both gave me evil smiles like I was just duped. I said "What?" They said he swam over to the dock about 5 feet away, jumped out and ran to the end and jumped back in.

Dang! So I made him do 50 pushups which he did in sets of 10s and 20s before going to bed that night. Felt plenty worked out for this Saturday's race at Echo.

800 yards total
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