Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Make-up workout

This morning I was feeling lazy. I went with Cathi to the pool, but wasn't feeling well. Sam threw up last night while in our bed and I suspected that I got the bug. I went straight to work today and worked 12 hours straight. On the way home I realized I had my swim suits still so I stopped at the SDRC and swam the following:

6000 - 6 x 1000's (Time first 825 and then do 175 EZ)

6000 total

Met Kevin at the start of my 6000 and also saw Craig Barnes from Tomax (who left several years ago). Had to deal with stupid kids getting in my lane. I would just swim normal and I think they got sick of getting splashed or kicked when I did my flip turns.

Tomorrow we are going to the cabin. Cathi and I are taking our wetsuits aznd plan to swim in the pond down at the base of Logan Canyon.
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