Monday, January 21, 2008

Major storm - good swimming

This morning I woke up to quite a bit of snow. I turned on the news and didn't find much hope in getting to work in under two hours so I called and left a message asking to take today off.

Later in the morning Cathi called the pool to see if they had laps today and the did until noon so we went at 10:45 and swam the following:

500 Warmup
2700 - 9 x (100 Free, 200 Free)
50 Free

3250 Total

I had planned on doing 10 x (100, 200) and a 100 warmdown to get 3600 but they pulled the lane lines promptly at noon and we couldn't finish our sets. But at least we got a new record since swimming at Layton. Jacob came and swam 1400 yards. He's a very considerate lane partner, he moves out of the way while Austin get his big old self in the middle of the lane.

We also had a crowded pool. Cathi, Austin and I had a lane, but the next 5 lanes were literally filled with probably 80 swimmers. They were swimmers from the Northridge and Davis High School Swim teams. It was crazy.
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