Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Biggest Loser vs. Swimming

Cathi decided that watching people lose weight was more fun than doing it. Biggest Loser is on Tuesdays @ 8-9pm. The "voting off" portion was too anticipated to just record it and go swimming so she told me to just go with Austin.

So I went with Austin. We did:

500 warmup
100 free

@1000 yards total including demonstrating stokes for Austin

After this I decided to take the opportunity to help Austin with his stroke. He brings his head too far out of the water when he breathes to the side. Had him focus on keeping one of his eyes in the water so that his mouth barely comes out to the side instead of his whole head (including his ear that is on the bottom). His technique needs alot of work. He's only been swimming for a little over a month now so it will take time.

We also worked on his breast stroke. Which also needed alot of work. Looked better after some tips though.

I timed him on his 50 free and he did it in 1:07. We need to give him another month or two and see if Austin can get his 50 Free Personal Record under 1 minute. I took the opportunity at the end of the workout to time my own 50 free. I did it in :28. Not bad considering it was just off the wall, rather than a racing start. Plus I weighed in at 227 even. Need to get down to 200!
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