Monday, October 15, 2007

Cathi getting me off my butt

Well Cathi has talked me into working out with her. Lately it's all been Table Tennis, not even any lifting weights. So she did some calling and found that we can swim at Layton for an entire year for $350 and that's for the whole family and includes racquetball which I think would be just as good for me to get back into. Today's goal was just to do 1000 yards. I knew it would be tough. Here is what I did:
500 - 10 x 50's Free on 1:00 (rest an extra minute every 200 yards)

450 - 3 x (50 one arm fly, 50 breast, 50 free)

150 - Grandpa swimming

1100 Yards total

Wasn't pretty. That's for sure. Cathi and I got home and ordered new Speedo's online. Felt the free sets in my Triceps and when I got home also felt stiffness in my Lats and back. This should be good.
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