Thursday, October 25, 2007

25 Oct 2007

200 - warm up
800 - 8 x 100 IM's on 2:30
100 - ez
800 - 2 x 200's on 4:00, 2 x 100's on 2:00, 4 x 50's on 1:00
100 - EZ
2000 total

Sure had a crappy nights sleep last night.Here's why.
I was feeling good about the IM's. I did the 25 Fly on all of them without too much trouble. Cathi and I came up with this workout on the way to the pool. On the way back home we stopped at Walmart and got new pillows and a new matress cover, and then did a ton of washing of sheets and pillow cases using our new Washing machine. Didn't get to bed till about midnight. Tomorrow night is table tennis! My game lately has not been as good. Hoping its just one of those biorhythm things.

Decided yesterday that table tennis is fun, but it really doesn't do much for my body. Sure I sweat, but my physical strength and definition are not doing well. So I have decided that after the 2007 National Open Tournament in Las Wegas just before Christmas, I will give up playing at lunch time and start lifting again. In fact I put out a want ad for some help.
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