Saturday, February 18, 1989

State Swimming Meet Results - 18 Feb 1989

I feel frustrated because maybe Kristen is winning and I'm not. I'm not jealous because she is in girls division of course. But.. Good Job! Very excited for her. In the Tribune on Sunday it said of her, "Among the other dual meet winners was Kristen Prier, a West High Freshman, who added the 100 yard freestyle to her 200 yard freestyle win Friday night. Her two medals are the first swimming gold medals ever won by the school. With three years to go, Prier could break the state record for this event, as her 54.68 seconds is only 1.5 seconds off the state record." Robynn was the record holder.

I am going for 4th place next year.

I took 12th overall in 500 free. I must keep in shape to get under 5:00 in 500. I got a 5:33. That is a new record for me.
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