Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Train like a beast

I recently read a post from someone on facebook stating how bad they felt after running a marathon that they didn't train for.  Good for them, but I don't respect that kind of "athlete".  If you actually finish a race that you didn't train for, how tough can it really be?  You may be tough mentally to get through it, but if you're struggling through it and give a half-assed effort, then why even do it?

If you registered for a big event, that shows commitment to a goal.  If you fail in following through on that commitment, don't just show up cause you fear it would be a waste of money, or that you'll give it your best anyway and just hope to finish.

I noticed a post in from Darren Miller where he confirmed my way of thinking.  He said,
"...and train like a beast. If you aren't training enough for the swim you want, then don't do it, as you don't deserve it. Give it the respect it requires - everything you got."
Can I get an "Amen!"

And only YOU can be the judge of whether you trained hard enough.  There are tons of opinions out there (including mine) that include what the proper amount of training is for a certain race, but one thing is certain, no training is not enough training.  If you happen to finish something badly that didn't require training, keep it to yourself.  It belittles those who do take their training seriously.

As for today's swim:  Swam at GSL with Goody, Chad, Mike, Sam, and Sarah.  Most of us swam a Gridley Straight with an extended return out to the far east buoy and back to Silver sands beach.  A total on my GPS of: 2.90 miles.  Water temp on my watch read 63 degrees.  I forgot to lube up the back of my neck and my upper cheek bones under my goggles.  Man, quite a burn.  Swimming a 10K in the GSL is simply legit!  I may have to do that last 10K for April in Bountiful Lake, cause I've gotten too soft (literally) to swim that far in the GSL at this point in the season.

On the way home, I was notified that my Grandmother in Pocatello passed away.  She was a sweetheart to me and one of the most admired ladies in my life.  She passed very quickly and will join my awesome Grandpa who died a year ago.  I have many fond memories of my Grandma and Grandpa Richins.   Several months ago I had Lynne Cox sign my copy of "Swimming to Antarctica", and dedicate it to my Grandma Richins, because she was so supportive.  She told me that she was taking cold showers cause of me!  What an adventurous spirit she was!  I told that story to Lynne and she left a very nice comment in the book for my Grandma.

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