Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Open water swim of the season

Me, Sarah, and Chad at the marina opening enjoying the
beautiful view of the lake from here. 
Ever since New Years Day, I've not done any open water swimming.  Well today was my first day of the year.  Sarah Jones, Julie Keyes also came along.  Chad and Jim also joined.  It was cool, five swimmers this early in the season is pretty good considering Goody and Josh couldn't make it today.

Julie offered to paddle for us while the four of us swam out around the red buoy and back (600 yards), and then we did one internal marina route to add 400 more yards for a total of 1000 yards.  The water temp on my watch came to 53.3°F.  But Jim's read 55 I think.
Julie's first swim was epic!

After we all got out Julie got her turn.  This was her first swim in the GSL so she was a little nervous but she got in and swam from the boat ramp to the F Dock, a distance of .25 miles.  She did great, and was pleased
with the experience.  I think we might get her back out there again, and that's always a good thing.
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