Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gords Swim Workout Generator

I've finally made the finishing touches on this project that I've been working on for the past several months.

Ever get sick of the same workout, or going online and trying to find workouts to follow?  I know I do. That's why I created this online workout generator.

First you plug in a range of how far you want to go.  Then you specify which strokes you'd like to swim.  There are lots of options to make the workout catered to your specific needs and wishes.

The really cool thing is that after it generates the workout, you can reject the whole thing, or select checkboxes next to certain subsets of the workout that you reject and regenerate just the undesireable sub sets of the workout.

When a set is rejected the application uses artificial intelligence to recognize what makes a subset undesirable so that over time, the generator only provides sets that are acceptable to your preferences.  Once the workout is "approved", it can be texted to your mobile phone, or compiled into a pdf for you to print.

Check it out.  For the first couple months I'm making it available online for free so I can workout any minor bugs, and fine tune it.  However starting July, I'm going to start charging like $5 a month for folks to use it. It's gonna be such a hit, I'll be rich!

 Of course, it'll be free to SLOW members.

Check it out and generate yourself a workout.

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