Friday, April 4, 2014

SLOW Spring Social 2014

This evening I got off work and hurried over to my Mom and Dad's to make the best chicken salad for tonight's social.  My mom showed me the IISA Red Jacket that she had embroidered.   I love it!
When I got to the marina I noticed a bunch of new displays at the lookout point at the north end of the marina.  Very cool and informative!  I then wrapped back around to go back to the pavilion and met Chad.  Eventually Jim, Sue, Todd and Ryan showed up, then Karl Christen and his wife.  Better turnout than I thought we'd have after Goody and Josh said they couldn't come.

We had a great time talking together.  Afterwards we cleaned up and went down to the boat ramp and all swam out to the red buoy and back.  Then Chad asked if I wanted to go out to the marina opening again and back.  Heck yes I do!  So we did that extra bit as well.  The temp on my watch read 54.4 degrees.  Chad's GPS read .62 miles.

We were talking more at the boat ramp and I overheard Chad say while in conversation with one of the other swimmers, "I am swimming it next year".  My ears perked up.  I asked, "You're swimming what?"  The English Channel he said.  I couldn't believe my ears.  He clarified, "I paid Paul Foreman my deposit this afternoon."   He mentioned that he'd like me to be on the crew.  My mind and heart went from 4200' up to 30,000' in the sky!  I was hoping that one of my local swimming friends would make this huge leap, and now it is happening!

His tide window is from Sept 19-25, 2015 with Paul Foreman.  I made sure my calendar is clear and now I have a trip to Dover planned!  I'm so excited for him.  If know it's 17 months away which is great because it will allow me plenty of time to save up and help Chad get completely ready.

We had a wonderful time together the group that came out and it was a fantastic time.  Karl got in and it was his first time in the Great Salt Lake.  He was little apprehensive about the cold but did well.  Sue and I both got chilled.  I totally have lost all my cold water acclimatization.  I'm not too worried though.  Manhattan won't be in the 50's.  With the open water temperatures rising up to the low 60's, if I continue to train several times a week at that temp, my body will be fine.  Until then I'm going to continue getting in quality yardage with lots of speed work.

I found it really difficult falling asleep when I got home.  My mind kept racing back to all the different experiences I had in Dover and so excited to share that with a good friend next year.  Felt like Christmas eve for me.

Total: .62 miles in roughly 20 minutes

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