Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wavy Salt Lake Swim

Went to the Marina this afternoon and got in the water at the boat ramp.  The water felt so refreshing on this hot day!  Swam to the opening of the marina and started my watch for the swim to Black Rock.  The waves were pretty strong and were coming from the Northeast so they were pushing me.  I swam nice and easy with my SSD.  The only thing in it was my car keys.  I didn't have a gatorade bottle, so I just had to swim today without any relief from the saltwater.

When I got out of the water at Blackrock, my time read 21:54. Wow.  The swim back I didn't record but it was probably over 30 minutes cause of the headwind and waves coming right at me.  That was great EC practice.  Very happy with today's swim.  Almost skipped it due to time constraints, but I really rushed it and I feel great.

Planning Fremont swim next weekend.

2.26 miles total
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