Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I was inspired by three people.  All of whom I have never met:

1) Gertrude Ederle - I'm actually quite ignorant of this lady and all her accomplishments.  I need to study up more on her.  But last week a friend at work noticed this clipping in a magazine of her old school goggles that she used.  In order to get a good seal she used candle wax to keep them sealed against her face!  Ouch!

Brandon Slaugh - GSL 1 mile winner 26:17
2) Brandon Slaugh - Last night Mark Watson with the Tooele Transcript gave me a call and asked how the event went last weekend.  He told me that he interviewed Brandon and got his quote as "I'll never do that again!".  Wow.  Josh told me Saturday that he did backstroke the whole time and that he didn't even put his face in the water.  Impressive, but not very inspiring.

What kind of person are you.  Do you ride a scary amusement ride with your hands up and your eyes wide open?  Or do you ride it with your eyes clinched shut, your hands death gripping the bars and exit the ride smelling of urine?

You can be a really fast pool swimmer, and that might even equate to being fast in open water, but that doesn't make you an open water swimmer.  When I think of a true open water swimmer, they have alot of heart and not necessarily alot of brawn.  You're way better off with alot of heart, because you'll have the desire to improve on the brawn and that will come with more experience and practice.  But if you have a ton of brawn and no heart.  You can't really progress.

And I don't really mean to bash the guy.   I didn't talk to him, I was out with the 8 milers.  He came out, he got in, he kicked butt.  I'm suspect that he's looking back now at the race in a much more favorable light than the moment he got out.  For me this race was more about the individual experience and learning to love the lake, than simply beating everyone else to the finish.  I feel strongly about the lake and I guess its difficult for me to understand how others don't fall in love with it instantly as well.  I know it's unreasonable of me to feel that way.  Everyone is different.  And for many it takes time.

Nicole getting a fresh rinse after her 1:03:38 mile in GSL
3) My third inspiration is Nicole Anderson - Talk about a woman with a ton of heart and an ounce of brawn.  It took her over an hour to finish the one mile event last week.  She came in last.  She was asked by boaters to just get out and give up.  She wasn't in danger, but she continued on and she finished.  She has a passion for the lake and now she has a greater love for it due to her experience IN the water.  She may have come in last place, but she was the one that inspired me most in the race.

After my 2 mile swim this morning looking towards Antelope Island.

This morning I went to the marina at 7am and wanted to see how fast I could do the exact route of the mile.  I lined up right next to the green buoy and started my stopwatch and swam at about 85-90% to black rock.  The water was perfect.  I wasn't cold at all and there were only tiny little ripples coming from the north.  I got the finish and stopped my watch when I was fully out of the water.  24:54.  Nice.  My watch thermometer read 67°F.

On the way back I took it easy and enjoyed the water.  Long relaxed strokes and loved having the sun on my face as I was heading east.  It was a fantastic morning!  A little over 2 miles in GSL.  What a great start to my day.
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