Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very choppy GSL swim

Met Goody and Josh at the GSL Marina at 6:30am. The sun was just coming up. What a nice sunrise view! I haven't met up with Goody since the GSL race a couple weeks ago. He's been swimming in Pineview lately. I've got to get up there sometime.

Viewing the sunrise from the Marina parking lot.
We walked down into the water from the boat ramp and talked while breast stroking to the entrance of the marina.  It was nice to get a good chat in.  Then I started my watch and swam to Blackrock.  The waves and wind was coming from the 1 'o clock and was fairly strong.  I ended up swallowing two mouthfuls of water.  Yuk! I dry heaved.  It wouldn't come back up.  I didn't feel sick or anything.  Gotta be more careful.  The problem was when I breathed to my left, sometimes the waves would come up and over me and fill up my mouth at the same time I was breathing.  It happens so fast that my instinct to swallow takes it.  So I have to be more focused especially in waves to make that inhale extremely quick.  When I put my head to the side to breath, I need to postpone taking the breath until I am confident the timing of the breath won't include a mouthful of water.

Stopped the watch once I got out at BR and it was 25:45.  Turned around and met Goody and Josh and we swam back.  This time Josh really poured it on coming back.  Cause when I got to the buoy at the marina, I looked back and couldn't see any sign of them!  I turned back around towards the marina and there was Josh waiting for me.  We both looked for Goody and he was off in the distance.  Those SSDs are great for locating your buddy that might be off course.

Goody and Josh called it a day and I continued east towards Saltair.  The wind and waves shifted from being a Northwesterly wind, to a Southeasterly wind.  Very strange.  The wind was so strong that my SSD was at my 9 o'clock.  I thought I was in the middle of a small tornado.  The waves were very close together and felt like I was getting rained on but it was coming from the side.  Definitely good EC practice.  Turned around at the last buoy and swam back.

Time elapsed: 1:40
Distance:  @ 3 miles total
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