Monday, June 27, 2011

Very flat GSL swim

This morning I met Josh at the GSL Marina at 6:30am.  We swam from the marina out to Blackrock.  The water was very flat and almost like glass. There was a subtle breeze from the north.  I took this swim very relaxed.  Didn't push it at all.  Clocked the swim from the marina to blackrock at 25:13.  Unpacked my SSD and got a drink of Gatorade and then swam back easy.

The sun was coming up and it was a perfect day for a swim.  The water temp on my watch showed 75°F.  Quite warm.  Looking forward to Wednesday's swim.  I'll do a 5K then.  Thursday swim in BL, and then Fremont on Fri/Sat.  That will be 5 days I will have swam open water this week.  I think that's a new record!

2.28 miles total
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