Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better than nothing

A fellow Utah OW Swimmer once provided me some advice.  Something like "Its better to get one long swim in per week then a bunch of little ones."  However I've been reading lately that a bunch of little ones are better than a couple longer ones.  I guess it depends on what your goals are.  For me right now, I need to focus on consistency.  If I let myself skip a workout, then I get lazy mentally and motivationally weak.  So today even though I knew I had to get off work early which meant getting in to work early, I still got up early and got in a shortened workout, with a major emphasis on focusing mentally 100% during my swim on my technique, and power.

Ha! Nice farmer tan!
1000 free no equipment - focus on long powerful strokes.
1000 pull w/ankle strap.  Even longer held extensions, and strong pulls

2000 yards total 
Way better than skipping the swim.  Felt strong.

Shoulders are feeling fantastic!  This week I did a weight training session at lunch and that was awesome for my body!  I will do it again next week twice, and then pick up the frequency a little more as time goes on.  I was looking at some old photo albums and came across this picture which is inspiring to me.  Wish I looked like this now.  This was back when I lost all that weight.  Before that when I was fat I was into powerlifting.  So I had lost all this weight and the muscles remained.  Then I got back into swimming, quit lifting, and now I'm a little flabby and not muscly either.  Boo!

During this morning's swim I realized that the 2011 British Long Distance Swimming Association's One Hour Postal results are probably finalized, so I checked this morning and sure enough, the results are out!  I was pleased to find that I came in second place for my age group.  Placing that high in the USMS one hour postal as all the more difficult!
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