Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SDRC on the way home

Since I skipped this mornings lake swim, I decided to stop at SDRC on the way home from work. I tried calling Cathi to let her know. No answer. She wasn't pleased when I got home. I've got to get this stuff done early in the morning when everyone in the fam is still asleep. I can't be working out at night when kids need homework help and Cathi is about ready to fill up the tub. Great workout though.

1000 - 4-4-4
2000 - 10 x 200's on 3:00 (Got 2:40-2:53 on all) Tried to focus on exhale. Nice long strokes and even pace.
400 - 400 FAST, all out. I wanted under 5:15, but got 5:18. Got a serious cramp in my right calf 150 yards into it, which lasted strong for 75 yards, I just stretched and kicked through it. And it went away, but slowed me down just a bit for that 75 yards.
100 easy
200 FAST (Wanted 2:25 and got it exactly)
300 - 6 x 50 on 1:00 down drill, back swim, recovery

total 4000

Thanks coach!
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