Monday, October 5, 2009


Man this was a tough set!

500 - 500 warmup
600 - 12x50 (odds- up fast, back easy. evens- up easy, back fast) on :45
2000 - 4x500 on 7:45 get @ 7:20 on each. Hurry and get a drink between sets.
100 - 100 easy
1000 - 2x500 on 7:35. Get @ 7:15 or better on each. I got 7:12 on the first one and then 7:25 on the second. I don't get it. I wasn't dogging it either on the second one and I was pushing it on the last 150.
100 warmdown

total 4300

I had some negative thoughts on the second set of the 500s. My arms were already tired and I was already running out of breath and felt like getting out. By the time that 500 was over I was feeling better mentally. I focused on getting a deeper breath each time. I think I was breathing too shallow and never felt like I was getting enough oxygen. When I focused on a good exhale and full inhale I felt a little better. Also focused on really keeping my head inline and barely getting my mouth out of the water.

This was tough! I did feel like throwing up on the first two sets of 500, but that diminished as I got through them. Had I had breakfast before the swim, I'm sure I would have.
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