Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 mile swim in Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas

After spending the afternoon lounging in the big pool area at Red Rock and not seeing a lap pool, I gave up on a workout swim. Then when we got to the hotel room and looked out the window. John and Kristen said, "Hey Gordon, there's your lap pool." Sure enough in a private closed section there was a pool with a couple lane lines in. I quickly suited up and went down and did this:

1000 - 4x4x4's
500 - 10 x 50's various kicks on 1:00
800 - 4 x 200's free buildup speed on 2:00
100 cool down

2400 yards total

This took me 30 minutes to do. I realized walking into the pool area, that even though the pool bottom was marked like a real lap pool, this was NOT a 25 yard pool. It was 15-20 yards max. Thus the faster set times. But to avoid confusion I kept track of my yardage as if it was a full 25 yard pool. So taking the total and multiplying it by .75 gives me a total yardage of only 1800 yards which corresponds to the total time spent.

The water was probably 83 degrees so it was pretty warm for a lap pool, and no lane lines so it was pretty wavy. I was the only person in the two lane pool. There was some "massage music" playing in the pool area as it was a spa. Not the best atmosphere for a rigorous swim, but a swim nonetheless.
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