Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Had to get to work early..... whatever! You chickened out man!

This morning I was planning on doing a lap or two in Bountiful Lake. The air temp came in at 36 degrees. I could see my breath on the way to the car. I was in my swim suit and sweats ready to get in. When I got in the car, the lazy gears in my head got to turning.

I have to work 10 hours today since yesterday I had a Dr. Appointment. If I just went to work and avoided the swim I wouldn't be there till late. I could come home and then really get going packing for this weekend's trip to Las Vegas for the Ragnar Relay.

It was a plan. I skipped today's swim because of work. Not because the water was probably below 60 degrees. I can just kick myself!

By the way. If I won the lottery (I'm blogging it here just in case I do, and need to reference the web sites), I would install:

  1. SwimEx 400os pool in my back yard.

  2. A DynaDome enclosure around the pool so I could swim year round.

And I'd keep the water at Channel-like temperature and get serious!
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