Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to real life

After taking the nice weekend away in Vegas it was time to really hit the pool hard, so I did this workout from my coach:

600 - 600 nice, easy. remember reaching arms, focus on pull-through once your hands enter the water. (30 seconds rest)
400 - 4 x 100's alternating 100 back, 100 free on 2:15, 2:00
200 - 200 free FAST, all out on 1:45. no saving up for later.
repeat this entire set (600, 400 200), done in the same fashion
800 - 8x100 on 1:30 (:10 rest TOPS). Took heart rate at 8 and it was 170.
50 easy
400 - 8x50 odds back, evens free on 1:00, :45
800 - 2x400 :10 rest (5:30) these are HARD! same as 8x1's (HR @ 170 bpm)
150 nice and easy warmdown.

total 4600

I puked just a little on the first set of 200 fast. Didn't have anything in my stomach so it wasn't a big deal. Just a little acid. Very tough set, especially the 400's at the end. I'm glad that was the last set cause I gave it my all and emptied my energy tank.
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