Thursday, June 19, 2008

Utah Summer Games Results

Cathi swam the following:

200 Meter Backstroke: 3:47 (2nd place in her division (Female 30-34)
1500 Meter Freestyle: 29:48 (2nd place in her Female 30-34 division)

Here's what I did:

200 Meter Freestyle: 2:32 (1st place in my Male 35-39 Division)
1500 Meter Freestyle: 23:29 (1st place in my Male 35-39 Division) This 1500 time is the new USG record for the 35-39 division. Nobody had attempted this event in my age group in the past 4 years of the USG doing 50 M Long course records.

I was disappointed with the 200 Free, but very happy with the 1500. I was hoping for 2:15 in the 200, and 24:00 in the 1500. I took first in both events for my category. In the 1500 I took first in my heat. The second place finisher came in over 3 minutes after I did. I was in lane 1 right next to the big timing display and could see each of my 100 split times. I tried to keep them at 1:35/100 M There were a couple at 1:37, and a couple well under 1:35 so my average was just under 1:34/100 meters.

So I'm already coming home with two gold medals. Hoping to come home with at least one more medal after table tennis....
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